SINM provides his clients with a wide range of engineering services, among them:

Forensic engineering & litigation support;
Troubleshooting & failure investigation;
Ship propulsion optimization and propeller design;
Outline specification of commercial vessels;
Design of commercial vessels;
Mechanical, structural and plant design;
Design of repairs due to failure (mechanical, structural and plant);
Planning, design and supervision of ship conversions;
Hydrostatic, hydrodynamic, seakeeping and power / speed calculations;
Stockholm Agreement compliance;
Planning and supervision of model basin tests;
Planning of sea trials and related measurements;
Supervision of ship construction;
Technical management;
Surveys (hull & machinery, records);
Technical / economical conceptual development;
Sale and purchase assistance;
Torsional and structural vibration measurement and analysis;
Maintenance engineering, marine and shore based;
Ship Owner approval of drawings and documentation;
Supervision of tests and trials

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