Ship Propulsion & CLT propellers

Nowadays profitability, efficiency and reliability of commercial ships are of paramount importance.

Neither can be obtained without a proper design of the propulsion plant as whole and without the careful selection of each component, from the main engines to the propellers, from the elastic coupling to the fuel and lubricating oil filters.

SINM has a strong expertise in the field of ship propulsion and propellers, both from the hydrodynamic and the mechanical point of view.

We provide consultancies for the optimisation of ship propulsion plant with the aim of reducing fuel consumption , emissions and vibrations and to increase the profitability, the efficiency and the reliability of the vessel.

SINM is also both shareholder and agent of SISTEMAR, the designer of CLT propellers.

CLT propellers are the most popular type of unconventional propeller.

CLT propellers are currently installed on about 280 vessels, ranging from bulk carriers to corvettes to VLCCs to ferries.

CLT propellers grant substantial advantages over conventional propellers, among them:

Higher efficiency (conservatively + 5 / 8%);
Cavitation inhibition;
Sharp decrease of pressure pulses on the stern;
Greater thrust;
Better ship manoeuvrability.

No disadvantages are present, therefore CLT propellers are a dominant choice both for new buildings and in case of re-engining.

A rough estimate of the saving in daily fuel consumption (t/day) due to the installation of CLT propellers can be obtained by multiplying the installed propulsion power (MW) by 0.3.

For instance, a ship having a 10 MW propulsion is expected to save 3 tons of fuel per day if equipped with CLT Propellers.

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