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Personal Data Protection

This website does not collect any personal data, and therefore it does not fall under the scope of the related national and internal regulations. However websites or services of third parties used by this site may collect or process personal information data relating to traffic measurement or used for marketing purposes also anonymously. These third parties services or sites may in turn send this information to other third parties involved. To learn more about personal information processing applied by third parties and to give consent or not to processing personal information, see the links below:

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Information About Cookies

Cookies are small text files sent from the sites to the terminal user who visited them in order to be re-transmitted to the same sites during subsequent visits. Cookies "third parties" instead are set by a website other than the one visited by the user. This accande because websites can incorporate external elements such as images, maps, sounds, etc.. , That reside on servers other than where osptitato the site visited. The obbloghi related to third-party cookies installed by the site, burdens on third parties.

Cookies type "Technical" (“tecnici”)

They define cookie technical ones necessary for navigation or to provide a service requested by the user.
Without the use of such cookies some operations could not be carried out or would be more complex such as search functions within the site. Cookies technicians are therefore essential for the normal functioning of the site.

Cookies type "Profiling" (“di profilazione”)

Cookies are used to track the user's navigation on the network and create profiles on his tastes, habits, choices, etc. These cookies are used to transfer the user's terminal advertising messages in line with the preferences already expressed by the user in navigating online. This site does not use cookies profiling, however, third-party sites can use them.

Cookies used by this site

This website uses "technical" cookies, necessary for navigation or to provide services offered by the website. This site does not use cookies "profiling" cookie.

Third Party Cookies

This website embed or used external third party functions that used cookies. We recommend you consult the relevant information of the third party sites listed below. Remember that is not expressed no preference and continuing navigation will be tacitly agreed the use of cookies:

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This site also features the following links to external sites and therefore third party that might make use of cookies:


Managing cookies through the browser

You can decide whether to accept storing cookies through your browser settings or delete the cookies. With turning off all or part of the cookie, the behavior of the sites could be compromised or not more optimized. The setting can be defined specifically for different websites and web applications. For settings related to the operation of cookies please refer to the guide or online documentation of the browser used.

Details of the Controller

The Data Controller is Andrea Gennaro, Via Giuseppe Macaggi, 23 A/1, 16121 Genova, Italy

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