SINM has developed a long experience on Ro-Ro and Ro-Ro /Pax: having managed 23 ships (Ro-Ro, Ro-Ro/Pax and HSC), designing and surveying the construction of Ro-Ro/Pax Mega Express and Mega Express Two for Corsica and Sardinia Ferries.

Concerning Ro-Ro/Pax Mega Express and Mega Express Two, great care has been taken in optimising the hull, through calculations and model tests, in relation to:

advance resistance;
manoeuvring response;
reduction of tactical diameter.

What above has resulted in a very high hydrodynamic efficiency, ensuring optimum passenger comfort in any sea state and up to 30 knots.

The choice of all equipment (propulsion, air conditioning, sanitary system…) has been based on efficiency, reliability and maintainability criteria, in order to maximise the profitability and the availability of the ship.

SINM assists his clients in defining and designing Ro-Ro e Ro-Ro/Pax shaped on their particular commercial needs and optimised in respect of safety, profitability, efficiency and reliability.

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